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Boat Scratch Or Scuff

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Looks like a scuff to me, with the color from what came into contact with the boat deposited on your hull.


First, try cleaning off the dark matter with isopropyl alcohol.  If that doesn't clean it off, try acetone.  A little will go a long way.


To minimize the "scuffs" start with a mild buffing compound.  If you don't have a buffer, get a wool bonnet for a drill, and set it to a slow speed.


A spray bottle with water will also be handy.


Put a little buffing compound on a small area of the scuff, using a soft cloth.  Then buff only a small area.  When it dries, mist the area with water from the spray bottle.  It will serve as a lubricant, and will "reactivate" any buffing compound on the bonnet.


From the photo, it appears that the scuffs are not deep.  If you can get the small area to satisfy you, then move on to the rest of the scuff. 


When you are satisfied, finish the job using a cleaner glaze that is available in any good auto parts store, or in the automotive section of Walmart.  After that, apply a wax that has ultraviolet inhibitors to protect the hull's surface from the sun.

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That is about the same advice I'd give you.

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