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Kirk Bonanny

Making Buzzbaits

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   Hello! I have been pouring multiple styles of jig heads for almost 30 years now. I make all kind of jigs, jig heads, hair jigs, skirted jigs etc as well as tie dressed treble hooks & flies for the rare occasion I dig out my fly rod for Susquehanna River smallmouth.

   I throw a lot of buzzbaits and I am considering making the investment into a mold and supplies to make my own. I would like to know everyone's feelings about the molds available out there. I primarily throw 3/8 & 1/2 ounce buzzbaits though do throw lighter ones on occasion.

   I have a drawer full od skirt materials so would only need to buy the mold, wires forms, hooks, blades rivets etc. I greatly appreciate everyone's opinions. 

   Thanks! Kirk.


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I made my own buzzbaits for a minute. Problem is, how many different buzzbaits do you really need? How many do you lose? I go through maybe 1 or 2 buzzbaits a year and fish almost nothing but a 3/8oz black on black so it wasn't really worth buying all the supplies to make them to me. 

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I make my own spinnerbaits because it is my favorite bait and I use them a bunch. I did make buzz baits for a brief period but my wire former only does up to .041 wire so I had to buy pre made forms and I like to bend my own wire. The other thing is availability, I make my own spinnerbaits because the kind I want don't exist on the shelf, well they didn't when I started making them, I'm totally happy with the War Eagle buzzbait and the cheap Lucky-Strike 1/4oz models you find at Wally world, those are my finesse models. As for the molds, the Do-it keel model works well, it gets up quick and runs straight, that is the only mold I used but I liked that one and it is what I'd get again if I were to get back into it.

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