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The Patriot

Aldrich Lake, Granby Ma

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Hoping this is the best place to post this.  This is a shot in the dark if I've ever seen one... Wednesday night I left a small 5.11 bag at the lake.  It had my wallet in it, which contained some bank cards, license and unfortunately my license to carry as well.  It was gone Thursday morning when I went to check for it.  If anyone knows anyone that may have been there Thursday morning that may have found it, please reach out to them.  I'd love to get my stuff back.  A coffee or 6-pack of beer is waiting for whomever finds it.  

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Did you call Granby PD to see if anyone turned it in?


Also, you might reach more MA members in the Eastern MA fishing reports thread: 




Best of luck finding your bag/wallet.

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My brother in law left his 2 week old Minn Kota next to

a post by the ramp at a Ct. Lake last month.

He realized what he had done just as he pulled in his driveway.

So, an hour back to the lake and nada. It was long gone.

Back in June I was with him fishing. We pulled out at dark.

Loaded up and left. We were in his truck.

Anyway when we got to his house I jumped in my car and drove home.

About 11:00 that night I realized I didn't take my rods out

Of his truck. I called him... Long and short I got back to the ramp

after mid night.. There they lay.. That was a close one.

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