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    Anyone I can catch fish at!
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  1. Welcome and congrats on your catches.
  2. Sorry to hear. Gimme a call, we’ll head out on my boat & get some Smallies!
  3. I took @Fishing Rhino out on my Ranger yesterday. We couldn't launch at a private pond near his house, so we went to another big, shallow lake nearby. The water looked like coffee and there were no signs of life. Try again next week. I stopped by a pond on the South Shore and managed a small Yellow Perch on a jerkbait that was bigger than it was. Water temps were in the low 60's.
  4. I'm just sharing my experience with Kistler. I'm retired and my equipment gets heavy use. Too bad the other 19 guys have had problems. Hopefully they get it sorted out.
  5. I have 25 Kistler rods from 2015 to 2023 and the only breakages were my fault.
  6. Have a few KLX’s, which are mod/fast. My #1 crankbait rod is a 7’3” MH/MF KLX, hands down. I also have a couple Feel’n’Reel rods (because I HAD to know) and they’re VERY sensitive for a glass/composite blank and have a strangely good tip. Both are A+ crankbait rods. I find the KLX M/F a little more versatile. I’ll use that for chatterbaits over the FnR. Yes, they change blanks. It’s to keep costs as low as possible and provide a high quality product simultaneously. I bought my first Kistler in 2015 and my most recent in 2023 and can tell you they’re very sensitive and high quality. To me, they’re worth every penny.
  7. I had a good couple days on Cape Cod last week. The bite was consistent, including two SMB just under 4 pounds, a white perch a shade under 2 pounds, a catfish, and a couple of nice brown trout. The trout and catfish came to the kayak via Stunna 112+1. A handful of very healthy white and yellow perch made it to the kayak too. I only caught two LMB during the trip, but I was targeting SMB. A jerkbait was about the only bait I needed at all but one pond where all the smallies wanted was a blue tube. Water temperatures were 57.x - 59.x. Air pressure Wednesday & Thursday was 30.0. Friday was 30.2.
  8. How a rod feels is 90% of your fishing experience. You need the right rod for your application, i.e. MH/F for jigs, so handle as many rods that interest you as possible. Just like a pair of shoes, you’ll know when you have the right one. Best of luck picking out a rod for your new baitcast reel. Don’t be afraid. I’m a Kistler fan and their MH/F rods weigh about 3.5 ounces and handle everything I’ve put them through. Today’s technology is awesome!
  9. I found this: https://www.flatlandscustomtackle.com/store/p59/Poison_Tail_Screw_Lock_Jig_Heads.html
  10. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I hit 3 ponds on the South Shore. Pond #1 is shallow and almost void of vegetation because the town treats the water. I managed one bass, about 2 pounds, on a 6" Senko, and a handfull of dink pickerels on a red chatterbait and Rapala BX Brat. Ponds #2 & #3 are both deep bowls. I grabbed two smallies at each, on a combination of a perch Stunna 112+1 and purple/blue flake swim Senko. There were many more beds since my last trip here and there were fish on them. Water temps were 57.x, 56.x, and 54.x, respectively. It was pretty blue-bird but chilly for late April.
  11. I fished a new pond in Plymouth today. It was mostly cloudy and winds were 10-12 from the west. I bagged two yellow perch, two smallies, and one pick in short order on a smallmouth LV200 and orange/red 6th sense square bill. The sun came out, the wind died down and the bite shut off like a light switch. Not a bad first trip. I found a few rocks & trees in the water and spotted some beds in 5' - 8'. Water temps were 55.x - 56.x. It's getting good now. Best of luck to everyone getting out. I'll be on the Cape again May 1st to 3rd. I'm not sure if I'm taking my kayak or Ranger.
  12. I’ve seen baitfish on shore at only one pond in Plymouth. Could leave my Lowrance off everywhere else.
  13. For me, lipless, jerkbaits, and crankbaits have been productive. Water temps are in the mid 50's right now.
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