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100 Vs. 200 Series Baitacasting Reels.

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My apologies as i'm sure this has been covered, but my Google fu isn't very good :)


I'm looking to get a couple of baitcasting reels in the future, and i'm wondering about what size to get. It seems like some of the more popular reels discussed around here are available in the 100 size, but there are also reels that are in the 200 size.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of each size?


Does one excel over the other simply from the size difference? 


Is there a consensus on what size people use most for river, pond, and lake fishing?


Is it technique driven?


Just trying to learn, and I figured there are plenty more experienced people than myself, on here. Thank you for any responses.

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With Daiwa its the same frame, a 200 just has a deeper spool. So it's for throwing heavy baits a long way with higher test line to fish that make huge runs.

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For me, 100 size reels are the best. I fish lakes and ponds for bass with typical bass tackle (1/8-1 oz cranks, t rigs, topwaters, etc etc. No big swimbaits) and never have any problems with line capacity. In fact, for weights at the bottom of that range I like an even shallower, lighter spool that will start up with less effort. Some reels are actually smaller with shallow spools for finesse baits like the Curado 50 and Alphas sv 105.

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One disadvantage to smaller spools is as you go throughout several fishing trips. Break offs, re ties, lure changes, you lose line little by little. So the smaller spools you may have enough line to make super long casts but you lose inches per turn on retrieve. So for instance you typically pull in 30" of line with a full spool you may only pull in 15" with a half of spool. So picking up slack line to set a hook may require a extra 2-3 turns of the handle. Not as apparent on 100 size as it is 50 size. 200 you gotta be really low on line to see the difference. I run a little of everything but then again I respool line almost weekly on some reels as I do tons of tournaments, practice etc.

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