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One For The Central Florida Boys

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My mom lives in Palm Coast and I'm heading down there for a week at Christmas and I was hoping to do some bass fishing while I'm down there. My mom has a fresh water canal right out back that they catch some nice ones out of, but I'm willing to take a ride if better fishing is to be had. So if you guys wouldn't mind helping me out a little it would be highly appreciated. I'm only trying to take a couple rods and one tackle bag, probably my swimbait setup, my cranking setup and my topwater/jerkbait setup. So with your experience whats would be the best baits to have along and is there anywhere in the relative area that I should give a try. Normally I would just go to the local tackle shop and buy some shrimp and head to the intercoastal and catch a ton of different stuff, pretty much because this is what my moms husband does. It's enjoyable but I'd love to try and catch one of them slobs you guys have swimming around down there. Thanks in advance for any help or opinions... 


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I'm not sure where your fishing, but you can't really go wrong with what you mentioned.  To keep your tackle to a minimum maybe bring a worrm/ jig rig.

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Junebug/black and blue worms and a black and blue/green pumpkin swim jig are about all you need.  Watermelon flukes and purple trick worms work great for numbers, especially in late December around here, but they typically won't have the same size as a jig fish.

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