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Early Morn, Mississippi

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Hit the lake just before sunrise. Had a 16"er in about 5 minutes on a white/chr spinnerbait. Spanked the grass 1/2 way around the lake, nothing else.

Decided to try out my new 5xd and deep rapala. The shad pattern rattlin' 5xd did not do anything, tried it for about 1/2 hour. 

Tied on the red craw rapala no rattles. Landed 2 @ 17"pretty quick. Got hung up twice...second time, the lake seemed to want it more than me.

Threw chatterbaits, swimjigs and trigged lizard, drop shot, nothing else. Water temp was 65 partly cloudy almost the entire morning. Never did mark any fish, talked to another angler, he said the same thing. Not a bad day, cut out early for the 2 hour ride home to get some things done. Was a beautiful morning...started out about 55, and rose to about 67 by the time I left.

Sorry no pics this time, left my phone in the truck.

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Sounds like a very decent trip ~





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Good going, and a good report.

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