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Whatt fluro and size do you guys use?

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Looking for new leaders and to try something new. I use lighter 8lb stufg when fishing for things like walleye etc. But for docks, and grass  what str leader do you guys prefer? I'm tying to 30lb power pro for reference. 

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Are you fishing with spinning or baitcasting gear?

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There are a ton of topics on this, but in summary....

Tough, super abrasion resistant lines like Yozuri Hybrid are really good for anything you'll be banging off of rocks, docks, she'll beds etc.  it's a great choice for Crankbaits, jigs, C-rigs, T-rigs, and virtually anything else you'll be dragging through hell.  12lb test has approx a 14lb diameter and 17lb breaking strength.  The stuff is super tough, but not the most limp or easy to handle. 


Now, I also really like limp, lower memory, and smaller diameter lines like Seaguar Invisex or FC Sniper for more finesse applications, or for fishing areas with fewer rocks, docks, clam shells, mussels, etc.. They're good choices for swim jigs, jerkbaits, drop shot rigs, tubes, and a ton of clear water applications.  


These aren't exactly hard set rules.  If the area I'm fishing is particularly nasty, I may be using Hybrid leaders on almost everything I throw.  If it's super clear, I may be throwing almost everything on 7-12' leaders of 7-12lb Sniper or  InvisX.


This isn't a perfect breakdown, but I hope it gives you kind of a good Cliff's Notes on flourocarbon leaders.  

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