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Tropical Park Report 12/29/15

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Went out to Tropical Park yesterday after work. It wasn't windy but by the time I got there it was almost dark. I took only my black and red, and black and blue baits. Stick Baits, Big Worms, and Swimbaits.

I fished about 260 yards with a black and blue swimbait, burning it across the top with very low expectations because none of my bass except one in these lakes has come on top water. But I figured my swimbaits move a lot of water and with the dark it could attract a bass to strike it. I was wrong. Not one bite or even a wake.

I fished the 260 yards back to the car with a combo of a stick bait and a big fat max worm. The fat max got me a tick, but I set the hook and ended up with a scrunched up worm on my hook. I then went over to the other side of the lake and fished one of the more productive areas for me but didn't get a bite. I finished up at around 8:15pm.

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I've never had much success at Tropical Park.  If I do it's at the lake by the Equestrian Center.

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The first few months of this year I had success at the lake by miller. 3 to 4 fish per outing in the 1-4 pound range. That quickly turned into 0 fish per outing. I was having success at the Equestrian Center area as well but that also died down. The last time I caught fish at TP was over by the Equestrian Center and they were dinks.

I honestly haven't been able to figure them out there in months. Stick baits generally worked and even those aren't doing the trick any more. I wish there was better places around there for LMB.

Now Peacocks, there are plenty at TP in the Miller Lake. But that isn't my target species.

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