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What part of this creek channel are you hitting FIRST? Topo maps and PICS!

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scenario: Where are you going first? You have never been here.


Hey guys, there is a small reservoir close to me and its rather new (less than 5 years old) and was stocked in 08 with 100k fish,  bass and crappie. in 2015 another 10k. The PB is 9.6 and i have seen plenty 5, 6 and 7's come out but some days, you dont get one single bite. I have always been a bank beater but with some good electronics, I think that the channel is where to find consistant bass from what Ive read. Check out the topo and the overlay of the channel and tell me what you think. Keep in mind that the deepest part of the lake is 35 -40 feet. I rarely see anyone anchored out in the middle looking like they may be trying to find the channel. Based on the maps, its not that hard. Ill be the first to say that fishing out in the middle isnt as exciting. Then again, I have not hooked up to that hawg in the channel either. Heres pix. ......last one is before the dam was finished.



Topo of Hampton.jpg

creek channel overlay of lake hampton.png

hampton 2015.png

hampton 2009.png

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Find the letter "h" in south, letters "D" and "p" in Deep on your topo map.

"h" is where the main creek intersects with 2 smaller creeks forming a Y in the upper 1/3 rd of this lake, call this area #1. "D" is where the creek channel swings along a sloping bank with a cut running down and sharper ledge. "p" is where the channel swings back out at the end of a major point, call this area #2 in the middle 1/3rd.

No map info on the lower 1/3rd to evaluate, does have a overhead photo of the lake under construction. Based on the photo the area where a road bed cuts into the channel looks good, call this area #3. The cut and channel break should be good during cold water period or any time if not deeper than a thermocline.

These 3 areas should teach you how to fish outside structure.


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Out----- stand---- ing!    Thats what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

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