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Joshua Colvey

Bass easier 10e vs preditor 103 both by pelican

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Just left academy looking to buy the bass raider but they have now got a preditor that is shaped like a boat. It shows to use a larger gas motor. Has live well and battery compartment. It is 250 more. It is 10 inches wider. Ur weight is the same. Looks as you would set a little lower in the boat. I am curious if anyone has used one of these compared to the bass raider? 

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It's a little more money, but check out the Sun Dolphin 102. It has a better layout, especially if you're planning to add an outboard. I had one as my first boat and it treated me well for quite a long time. 

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The Sun-dolphin Pro 102 and the Pelican Predator 103 are very close. The Predator does hold more weight than the Pro. 

I have heard really good reviews about the Bass Raider being able to move ins a lot shallower water where the Pro and the Predator will not since they both have a v type design and set deeper in the water.

Now i know the trade off will be the Bass Raiser will drift more as it has no type of rudder system or v shape design but i think this can be taken care of with a little bit of ingenuity lol. 


The benefit of what you gain from the Pro over the Predator as in a since of really only the little more open for space and a aerated live well really doesn't justify the price from 850 for the predator to 1100 for the pro. 


The bass raider can carry an even larger load at 600 lb. 

For me it would be a live well cooler, a small drink and food cooler


Pelican bass raider 10e

  • LENGTH -10’2’’ - 310 CM
  • BEAM -50’’ - 127 CM
  • WEIGHT145 LBS - 66 KG
  • MAX. CAPACITY -600 LBS - 273 KG
  • MAXIMUM HP -3.5 HP

PRO 102

  • Length: 10' 2" / 310cm
  • Width: 56" / 142cm
  • Height: 23" / 58cm
  • Weight: 165 lbs. / 75kg
  • Capacity: 435 lbs. / 213kg


  • LENGTH -10’3’’ - 312 CM
  • BEAM -61’’ - 155 CM
  • WEIGHT-154 LBS - 69 KG
  • MAX. CAPACITY -505 LBS - 229 KG

Anyone ever tried a larger thrust motor on the bass raider but in the bow mount type foot controlled? Like this


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