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Pond hopping

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Went out Saturday morning to several ponds that I haven't fished in a while.  Weather was bright and sunny, and temps were warmer than expected.  First pond was dead.  Didn't see any fish moving, and there was no breeze at all.  No bites on any of my usual pond baits..  I was using a tube, crankbait, and fluke around rip-rap, willows, and milfoil.

Second pond picked up a little.   There were fish jumping at low flying bugs, and I was spooking fish out of the weeds. My fluke was getting hit, but the fish just wouldn't take the bait.  Finally, using a green pumpkin craw, I managed to get a little bass to the bank where he got off.

I walked over to the third pond, and finally started to hook up using a 4" watermelon worm, and a green pumpkin senko.  The third pond was deeper than the first two ponds.  Slight breeze picked up and started putting a ripple across the water.  I picked up three small bass on the finesse worm.  They were all in grass growing along the bank in 1 to 2 feet of water.  The senko produced three slightly larger bass.  Biggest was maybe a pound.  I'm not getting out the scale for that size bass.  All of the senko bass were in the grass that was growing maybe 5 feet off of a point next to deeper water.


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I fish a lot of deep clear rock pit ponds that where made when they built the Oroville lake dam. Most of these ponds have hydrilla in the shallows and pennywort growing off the bank about 5 feet out. In my experience this is where you catch the little guys. As the fish grow they move off the banks and find deep structure or will suspend in deep water. I can take a kayak of float tube and catch 20 fish a day along the shoreline but they are all under 2 lbs or I can drop shot out deep or throw a big worm and look for the fish north of 6 lbs. adult bass are different. Something else I have recently learned is subliminal spots. The main point might hold a bunch of fish but a single rock just off that point can hold the big one. 

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