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so, i had broken all of my bait casting rods, and recalled an old spinster somewhere in the shed. One hour later I had the spinster spooled with 6 pound fluorocarbon for my little cousin to fish with me. i noticed the rod was similar to a bait cast reel. i decided it would me an ultra lite finesse bait aster until i got new rods. so i rigged up at split shot rig and went to the pool. the rig i had came up with seemed like it would be good for pitching to little bass near cover in a pond. so i head to the pond and catch three bass in twenty minutes. pattern set! It was nearing sundown and i wanted to crank some bass. i tied on my 17$ live target square bill which has three bass on it this year. i was so excited i just used the improved clinch knot on 10 pound cxx. I caught two 1.5 pounders. i decided to sprint as fast as i could 300 yards to another pond with out my gear. I made a cast and BAM! the lure snaps off mid cast. Darn, i forgot to retie. the lure landed near some reeds across the small pond.

i decide to save 17 dollars and walk three yards out to get my lure. first step out, 8 in muck, ok, not too bad, next step, 4.5 feet of muck. UH OH! I'm only 5'7" and 15 years old. i am too young to die. and how stupid would that sound. "Breaking News: 15 Year old kid gets swallowed in muck pond trying to retrieve $17 fishing lure" lol. i learned my lesson to tie good knot. 

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It happens.I once waded out 150 feet in the lake in 25-30 degree weather to retrieve a cane pole a catfish pulled off the dock.Water was 5 feet deep and felt warm.Got out to walk home and Im sure thats the coldest I ever felt in my life.

Glad you took the safe route.


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Oh man... that's funny!  I literally lol'd...  I could see my brother in law doing that...  he tends to find all kinds of gear when we go fishing this year he has found 4 lures 2 frogs 1 crank and one I have no clue but top water fun looking lure...   he's gotten a few bobber and a shoe lol he just threw that out but made me think it may have been another 15 year Olds show who was trying to save a lure lol

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