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Looking for places to fish

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Hi all, I'm New to the Gainesville fl area and am trying to find some good bank fishing spots you can email me if you don't want to post of a spot on here Davethree7323@gmail.com. Much appreciated 

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Ive fished many of the lakes in that area but in a boat .I would see if Gainesville has any public parks with ponds first.Then I would drive around and look for ponds with access .If there's a no trespassing sign then pass it on by.If it's in someone's yard,leave it be.I fish ponds in the Jax.area esp. in neighborhoods with common areas.Ive only been asked to leave one.I would  always comply,even if it's not posted.I don't enjoy fishing when I'm wondering when someone will come ask me to leave!

I usually carry a rod and reel in my truck just in case I notice a likely spot.

I also use Google earth to find spots I would never see otherwise.

Sometimes I work at properties with ponds and have gotten pretty good at securing permission to fish them.I'll say something like" man ,I bet there's some fish in there" and see what they say.I they respond well I might say,I fish a lot of ponds like this or whatnot.I'll usually try 2-3 times and often they'll say,Youre welcome to fish here if you want.Basically,its fishing to go fishing!! And sometimes the best approach is to just ask!! Hope this helps.


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