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N Florida Mike

Best fishing since may.

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Got out at daybreak today on my lake.Tried the frog for a little while at the first hotspot down the lake.Nothing there.So I fished the big eel grass bed going down the lake.Picked off a couple on trick worms.Got down to the island and got a 2.15 on the trick worm,and one on a black grape culprit worm.Got to the next hotspot past the island and got a couple on flukes.Fished east along the south shoreline inside an eel grass bed with nothing for awhile,then they began clobbering the 4 inch senkos in watermelon seed. in the eel grass and skipping under docks.Then drifted west across the middle of the lake and got another one on the trick worm.Tried a chartreuse swim bait across the deep hole with no results.Lost a big fish on the 5 inch senko when he pulled me off in an eel grass bed.

Then I fished the other side of the island fishing back toward home.Nothing much for an hour or so.Then I got a 3.3 in the same area were my pb was caught years ago.The rest of the morning I skipped  senkos and z- hogs under docks on the way  home.Got a 2.14 under one of my favorite docks,which has a pontoon boat there also.Also caught the dink of the year which was maybe 4 inches, for my last fish of the day.

The fish haven't bit this good since may.Caught 22 overall.Only a few dinks.Most were caught under docks.Best 5 fish totaled app.13 pounds.

Here are the best fish.Y you may need to scroll way down to see them.I was trying to eliminate my owl post that got on here somehow.I can fish pretty good but technology not so much.















































































































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