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chatterbait freedom hookset

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Has anyone used the new chatterbaitit freedom?  Ive a lot of bites on this lure and it really goes anywhere!  My issue is that hookups are modest at best.


Due to circumstances ive used a heavy extra fast action rod with braid.  When getting bit I have to stop reeling and wait before setting hook almost liked a frog/toad.  Ive yet to have an opportunity to throw it on my reaction bait rod.  With the trailer being texas rigged do you think a steady reel and sweep of a more forgiving rod would help?

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I haven't used the Freedom but I make a bait that's similar with a swinging football head. I used similar tackle for the same reasons I'm sure you are, (what's the point of throwing it if you're not throwing it in the stuff?) I didn't have much issue with using a hookset basically like a hard spinnerbait hookset. You can drop the rod and let them have it for a second, but in a lot of cases if they didn't get the hook on the first hookset, I'd continue the retrieve and they'd just come back and hit it even harder. 

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