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good unit for 300-400?

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hey. im very new to this electronics part of fishing and im really liking it. it opened a whole new game. the boat i got came with a basic humminbird 550 in the bow and a 587 ci HD DI on the console. i used both of them basically for temp, depth, and speed. i would also check bottom contour and fish dropoffs or sudden depth changes, but never really actually looking for fish. 

about a month ago a friend adjusted the settings of the 587 and taught me the basics of how to read it. i went to the lake by myself again and found this and got about 7 bites from the same spot, so im assuming those are bass:


Captura de pantalla 2016-10-20 18.53.56.png


so now, i want to upgrade my units. i may be moving  the 587 to the bow and adding a bigger unit to the console. i want to spend about $350. i have seen several in this price range, including a used 859 DI for $350, or Helix 5 DI  GPS for $280. 

i would like it to have GPS and at least down image, side would be better but i guess it will be out of my price range. 

now, several people over here have told me to go with Lowrance, claiming those are easier to adjust. i guess thats what they have used. so, im not sure of which one to get. if i get a lowrance i would have a bird on the front and a lowrance on the console, unless i sell the ones i have and replace them with another lowrance for the bow... 

so which unit would you get, with those features and in that range? i dont mind getting a used one if that means ill get a better one....


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i don't know about how well they work, i'm sure others can chime in..... BUT gander mountain has lowrance elite 5hdi for $270 (normally $500) and the humminbird 698ci HD SI for $375 (normally $700)

both look like solid units.  i was trying to find some deals online for my dad recently and came across both of these while searching....

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On 10/22/2016 at 8:12 PM, (='_'=) said:

thanx buzzed bait!! im getting an elite 5 from gander due to you pointing me there.. BTW its only 170 after rebate....

What rebate?

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15 hours ago, (='_'=) said:

How do you get the rebate? I add to the cart and it says$299.99

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