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Bass Boat To Jon Boat

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I recently purchased a 1968 Sea King 14 foot v hull. it came with a semi removable casting deck. It is in decent condition right now. The boat has some leaks that are very minor. I fixed most of it by JB Welding the rivets at the bow. The plywood is not sealed, so it is starting to deteriorate, along with the carpet. I want to know how hard it would be to do the conversion that the two boys on bass bound fishing did. I have the exact same boat. Thanks

here is the boat modification i want to make

Here is my boat



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They did a nice job. If you look at the process my friend Kris did on his boat,  he followed much the same process. He did add a few neat things. like he painted all of his deck so it would not rot. Nerve use pressure treated wood in an aluminum boat the acid will eat the aluminum causing lots of tiny holes. That caused him to do lots of repairs. Instead he used the plastic wood for framing  and painted all of the plywood. He installed a recessed pan for his trolling motor pedal really nice seatposts and seats etc.  It cost money and lots of time but boy they did a nice job. Best thing about doing this is it can be done the way you really like it which would be different for someone else

By the way i like the look of the boat you got. With some tlc it is going to become a great fishing machine. Also read thru Petes boat work. Here is another guy that I helped get into his first boat. It is similar to your and needed to be redone. He had his own spin on ti but read thru what he did.  http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/179868-first-boat/?page=5


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Sharp boat!  Congrats.

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