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I am in the process of replacing the depth finder on the console of my R 71 Ranger bass boat. I am looking at the Lowrance Hook 7 Combo HDI NAV+ or the Hummingbird Helix 7 Chirp DI GPS G2.

I would like info from anyone that has used either one. I have not used any Hummingbird products over the year, always a Lowrance guy. I have heard that lowrance has had problems with the processers on their units being slow. Do not know for sure if this is true. Also I want to be able to use a thru hull transducer. I do not tournament fish, but I do fish 2 to 5 times per week. Fish mostly on tidal rivers with a few lakes thrown in in the spring and fall. Any info will be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to BR, your post will more than likely be moved to the electronics forum.

When you say console unit is it going to be built in or on a mount?  The reason I ask is biult ins get a lot of trailering damage from road vibrations.

Wayne P is the sites Hummingbird guru, hope he replies.

I have used Lawrance units for decades, both are excellent.

The Elite 7 CHIRP is same unit with NMEA 2000 connector for net working, not sure about the thru hull transducer options, should be available for both the HOOK and Elite CHIRP. Suggest Navonics map chip upgrade.


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What you read about slow a processor was with the discontinued Elite 7 series first generation. Have not seen any similar reports about the Hook.

They are both somewhat equal units (same screen size) with 2D sonar and down looking imaging with GPS/mapping.

The Hook with Navionics+ is a package deal that includes a Navionics+ map card. It has 2D CHIRP sonar and Down Scan. It can use Navionics and Insight mapping plus some other map products. Refer to the unit specs on the Lowrance website. Do not know if it is linkable to other units to share data--don't keep up with L stuff much.

The Helix 7 CHIRP SI GPS G2 is the second generation of the Helix 7 series (just added to the Humminbird website last week) and has CHIRP 2D sonar and CHIRP Down Imaging. It has a very good processor that can handle even the most featured map cards (tested that myself). It has built-in Auto Chart Live to create your own HD contour mapping in the unit's memory where there is none or where a location can be improved over a commercial map like the Navionics. It reads Navionics and Lakemaster digital mapping. It can also support all the map layers available with individual lake purchases of Lakemaster Chart Select Layers--new feature. It is not linkable to other units to share data.  

There is also the Helix 7 CHIRP DI GPS G2N that is the same as the G2 but has Ethernet connectivity to share data and support the 360 accessory.

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@Wayne P. - what would we do without you ??  Thanks for taking the time to provide these type of detailed responses - BRAVO !

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Forgot to comment on shoot-thru. The Humminbird transom DI transducer used to have a shoot-thru version designated as shoot-thru and came with epoxy instead of a transom mount bracket. It was the XIH 9 DI T.  I see it is now not recommended and has been removed from the website parts list.

There is a transducer cable splitter that will allow the connection of a shoot-thru 2D transducer and transom mounted DI transducer to the unit. AS SIDB Y. That is the same splitter cable that is used with a shoot-thru 2D transducer and a transom mounted SI transducer. It disconnects the 2D crystal in the DI or SI transducer and connect the shoot-thru in its place. 2D/ Depth all the time from the shoot-thru and Imaging/Temp from the Imaging transducer all the time.

All I have seen about a Lowrance HDI or DSI transducer is it is not "recommended" for a shoot-thru application.

If I had to guess, the high frequencies with imaging don't do too well shooting through a boat hull. Too much signal strength loss.

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