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Rage Craws still not standing up

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Bought another pack of rage craws for some new jig skirts, tested them out in the water, and still showing droopy claws and not standing upright. 

Im just not understanding this......The baby Rage Craw stands upright, and the Rage Lobster stands upright.   But the 4" Rage Craws do not. I don't get it.


(end of gripe)


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Perhap's you're obsessing a little too much over this dilemna. I love me some droopy rage craws, you can even send me yours if you don't like them. I use them all the time and they're the most effective droopy bait I've ever come across.



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I think it is because the plastic is so soft, but that is what often makes the Rage baits effective or how I have seen it.  I have never checked to see if the claws stand up but I have obsessed over similar types of situations.

I think the movement of the claws is maybe more important if standing still. If they are flapping while sitting, that may be a good thing, I used to obsess over baits standing vertical on bottom until I started to realize that maybe it doesn't matter as much as I thought. 

I used to fish the ned rig with only Elaztach since it would float after it soaks for a bit, but I have tried a piece of a regular salted worm & it seems to work just as good at times. I would think not every crawfish is in a defensive posture before it gets eaten. I doubt they even get a chance to put the claws up if a Bass is ready to ambush.


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If you really like to dead stick it and want the rage to stay up just give the rod a very small twitch. So small you might not think it did anything. This will keep the bait in place but force the claws back straight. Do this every few seconds or so. 

Or just use the craws that do stand up and be done.

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