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I know the Mojo is made in Mexico and E6X is made in the U.S.A. but the Mojo uses SCIII graphite now and I am not sure what the E6X uses.  Any comparison for spinning specifically between the two rod lines?  Thanks!

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I have never fished with a mojo but I have an E6X MBR843 and love it.

but for what its worth:

the E6X line feels exactly the same to me as the Loomis GL3 line of graphite (I own a bunch of these too) and the GL3 feels the same as the SCIII line (avids).

so with the upgraded Mojo blanks both are now great blanks (old mojos were SCII which isn't that great).

I am partial to Loomis tapers over St. Croix myself. (I own a whole bunch of loomis rods but only two st Croix ones (avid and a premier travel rod).




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I'm in the opposite boat as Hulkster. I've fished the Mojo and not the E6X. Since St. Croix has upgraded blanks the Mojo's are a very good rod for the price. A 5 year warranty isn't a bad deal either on a rod in it's price range. The SCIII blanks are light and sensitive and after using one for about half the year I love it. From the sounds of it either way you'll be getting a nice rod. I'm partial to St. Croix though, their warranty and customer service is outstanding plus they're built in my neck of the woods. (or the american made rods they offer are) 

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I own both. I pick up the e6x every time over the mojo. The tapers g loomis uses seem to have a much crisper cast. They are also a better balanced Rod than the mojo. 

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