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This question(s) is very controversial and I expect many different answers with no correct one. 


I am 16. My parents have 2 houses, one on a small (66 acre) lake, and one not on the water. The lake house is in NE PA. My primary residence is in SE PA. Both are within driving distance to launch able lakes, however most are electric only, with several limited hp lakes. I have a bunch of yaks and cones and stuff at the lake house. not really meant for fishing. I also have a 10' jon that i have yet to register. Will do that soon and add a small casting deck. I only use it there and water is never really rough. I also have a 14' vhull with 2 55 lb thrust motors. I am adding a casting deck to it. I will bring this boat up there and to other places. 


In the future, id like to live somewhere in NY or the North, where i can get out on the water. Id like to own a real fiberglass bass bot, an in between boat, and also have my 14' boat. I am splitting the costs of the 14' boat with my grandfather (lives in NJ). I am also trying to get my dad into fishing more. I may end up leaving the 14' with my dad or grandfather when i go to college. My car will be able to tow a smaller boat like the one i have. 


What i am asking is, how long should i wait to get that in between boat? I am think a 16-18' aluminum boat with a 50ish hp motor. This boat can handle bigger water and smaller water. I am in no financial position to buy a fiberglass bass boat right now. 100% out of the question (unless free). I plan on bringing the between boat to college with me. 


When should I buy that boat, and what kind of boat would fit my needs best. I am on a budget, but not in the market right now, just planning ahead. Thanks

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Unless you're independently wealthy, wait on buying that boat until you're out of college, or after the first few years. Most colleges require students to live on campus at least the first year, and when you get off campus you'll most likely be looking at college type housing. Unless things are drastically different there than any other college town I've visited, places in your budget to rent with friends will not have a garage and if everyone has a vehicle, there won't be any extra room in the driveway to park it either. 

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