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What kind of line should I use?

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 I'll be getting a daiwa fuego ct 8.1:1 and a dobyns fury 734c soon, with the intention of using it for mostly jigs, Texas rigs, and other bottom baits. I almost always fish small lakes and ponds, lots of grass and vegetation, water is typically dirty/stained. Should I spool it up with braid and use a fluoro leader whenever I'll be in clearer water/ around rocks and timber? What pound test should I use?



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I would choose some Power Pro 30 pound braid.  I would add a 5 foot leader made of P Line CXX 10 pound test. It breaks at 22 pounds. I also like Suffix 832 but it does not cut through vegetation as well as Power Pro Spectra braid.  You are going to love that setup.  Are you sure you want the 8-1, you may want to consider 7.3-1. Of course that is personal preference.  I use several Tatula Type Rs for my frog and Punching setup.

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My suggestion is 12 to 15 lb Big Game for good casting, high abrasion resistance and low price point. I am not a fan of braid with a leader on bait casting reel, 2 knots are double trouble. Line strength is only as good as the knot strength!

Re spool the Big Game about every 6 outings or as needed. Fresh line gives you confidence. Bass are not line shy fish, the advantage FC offers is it sinks creating less bow in your line. If you are fishing from shore you need a line that doesn't drag on the bottom and increase snags.


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If you are looking for one setup for multiple techniques, I would reach for braid and leader.  Leader could be FC or Mono, but I prefer FC.  This allows you to vary the presentation.

If you are concerned about the bowing that can occur on longer cast, 832 sinks pretty well, and only the surface tension is broken, your fine.

I have PP, 832, smackdowwn,and Gamma Torque.  

If I had to choose one, it would be 832 as it is good for CB, Jigs, plastics, which is most of what I do.

Given a 5 pounder is almost never seen, I use both parties pound braid, which is hugely unpopular on this site.  I am sure many will chime in.....


Tight lines.......

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For the lies you are throwing I would use some 12 or 15lb Berkley Big Game or 30# braid. The amount of weeds in the water should really determine which you choose. For me, I was using 15lb Berkley Big game but threw on 30lb braid because I've been fishing frogs and the braid can really cut through Lilly pads.

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