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Spinnerbait wireforms?

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Been doing lots of readings, and here's my first post/question.

There seems to be 3 versions of wire forms for spinnerbaits.

The R-bend style, the twisted form and last but not least the coil eye form.

I've ran across lots of conversation on the  R and twisted types but very little if any input on the coil eye forms.

I'll be using them for mainly Pike, some Bass 

There's only a few places sell the coil eye and they seem to be out of stock.

So what you input on the coil eye form? Thanks.

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I like them because of my early experience with Beetle spins. You can make you own using Hagens little wire bender and stainless steel wire if your supplier is out of stock.

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All the different wire forms serve a purpose. The reason you don't see many coiled eye wire forms is because they are usually made for jig spinners like the beetle spin. In other words they are used on light wire for the most part and it is because it is a vibration killer. When you have a closed loop you get a stronger bait with a little bit of vibration dampening, the problem with the closed loop is if you are using a line that is limp, it can get wrapped around the loop and cause the line to break. The "R" bend is the best for vibration but it also is the least durable because the line tie is open it allows the blade arm to be pulled open when fighting a fish. The coiled eye doesn't have any areas for the line to wrap and is a durable design but if you are making a bait to handle pike or anything over .031" diameter wire, it will have very little vibration, even with a large blade. If you use a large blade you'll get more of a list to one side or the other and if you slow it down the bait will rock more that vibrate because that doubling of the wire  really stiffens the blade arm up but it does make for a durable bait so if you are fishing in clear water the coiled eye will work for a durable bait but if you need any vibration it isn't the best choice.

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