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Portable fish finder?

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Between different family members 3 boats I get to do a lot of fishing on them. Thing is I would like to step my game up and start using a fish finder to give me info like water depth, temperature and obviously show me where the fish are! GPS would be nice but not a necessity as I've got to keep the price low.


I am looking for a portable model, one I could easily pack up and carry from boat to boat. 15 years ago I had something similar, you could just drop the head over the side into the water and you were good to go. Do they still make ones like this?


I'm really on a budget here so  I understand  I can't get the largest screen size or the most vibrant display, just looking for something to get the job done. Any advice on what to look for or even better a specific model recommendation would be GREAT!





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The portable kit model of the Garmin Striker 4 is a model I am considering.


I am also looking at some of the products Deeper makes.




Some of the things I am considering is I am trying to do this on as small budget if I can. I do not need features like GPS as I'd bank fish ponds or bodies of water on a boat that I'm familiar with and would have no problem finding again.


If I am bank fishing a product like the Garmin Striker 4 isn't going to do me much good. It's not like I can just sit it in a foot of water at the bank and it would tell me much about what is going on in the area I would be casting to. The Deeper product would tell me exactly that.


Not being familiar with it this Deeper product seems a bit "gimmicky" to me.


Anyone have any experience with it? Any thoughts from others? Need some opinions here!



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I made one .




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After doing a lot of research this afternoon it looks like the sonar phone sp100 might be the route I go. Anyone have any experience with this device?

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I have been looking at the Deeper Sonar Pro+, and it looks like it would be perfect for bank fishing. It has so many features, one being that you can use it to create a depth map of the entire lake/pong (at least what is in casting distance.


Was wondering if anyone else had experience with this model or similar casting sonar devices.

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