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High Rock Co-Angler help

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Hey guys, I have a two day club tournament July 29th and 30th at High Rock Lake. I will be fishing this as a co-angler. I have never been to High Rock and don't know if I will be able to practice with my angler at all. After doing some reading and talking to the guys in the club I figure almost everyone will be staying shallow and fishing docks, maybe a little carolina rigging and deeper fishing but not much. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me on fishing this lake. I figure for the docks I will be throwing a texas rigged south african special (heard this was the high rock color?) trick worm, and flipping a jig  under them. Around the docks I will probably be throwing a buzzbait and white swim jig around the docks. I think this tournament is going to be a put your head down and grind it out kind of deal so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the help guys!

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I don't know anything about the lake, but from what you described, I would do two things:


1. Keep it simple, don't overthink it. Use baits/techniques you like and are comfortable with.


2. Dock fishing can be challenging behind a good angler. Try not to match him too closely in presentation/bait unless he is slaying them and you're not. Pay attention to the areas he isn't pitching to, and leaving open for you. When in doubt, when neither of you are catching any,or he is and you're not, DOWNSIZE.

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i've been to High Rock and killed them and been there and it stunk. i can tell you this too, that place gets beat to death and those fish have seen every lure in your box. hopefully your partner knows the lake and where to find them. lake is full and the water is always dirty. git r done.

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