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14.5' Pelican "rehab" Craigslist find

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I am a fishing guy first, and a boating guy second. Getting tired of having to "wait my turn" to go out fishing with my buddy in his boat, I decided to venture out and get a canoe for myself. It's been a long time since I've been in a canoe, but it's like riding a bike. Here I will chronicle my journey transforming a 15yo canoe into a fishing vessel.



How she looked the day I got her home



First day out with the kids. 2 out 3 liked it enough to want to go back out. Good for me since it was a bit cramped.




I scored a 16 ft trailer on CL for $100 a few weeks later. Hit it up with some zinc based paint to cover the rusty spots after a good wheel brushing. Recently added some cheapie fenders on it as well. Just waiting for the van wire harness to come in so I can get this thing back to the water.


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How she is sitting today! Just finished fishing(pun intended) the wires through the tubes to get it wired up. Van kit coming tomorrow! Hopefully back in the water on Sunday!




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Looks like a great project.  I used to put my canoe on top of my SUV.  My wife was never much help getting it up there or back down.  There were many times I would have liked to have had my canoe on a trailer. 

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Yea, this canoe weighed 90lbs by itself when I got it. I lifted it three times including the time that I bought it, and that was enough. Plus with the seats I added, there was no way it was going to sit on the van. I actually did transport it once with the seats and the wife had a fit as they were "scratching" the top of the van.

So now it sits pretty on the trailer. I'll probably never float it off, but makes getting it to the pond/river easier, and with two guys, shouldn't be that bad carrying it down the ramp.

Ran the wires for the trailer lights last night in the rain. Trailer wire kit for the van came in today, so I'll install that tonight.

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Sadly, this was the last time I took it out. I had an appendectomy on July 31st. Doctor said not to lift anything over 10lbs for 3 WEEKS!

This Monday will be the 3rd week, but I am thinking she'll see the water on Sunday :)

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