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I lost a big one. No joke. 


It was on a bad cast, and I figured I would drag it across the land and into a little puddle looking spot, between grass and lily pads.

As soon as it slipped into the water a huge bass exploded on it. I set the hook and after getting over the shock of me setting the hook, I realized it was very big.

It head thrashed and dove down and wrapped me on the lily pads. I managed to break it loose and it wrapped more lily pads. It was stuck. I couldn't budge it. Then my blue yum worm came flying back it me.


I caught 3 others in the 2 hours I was out there, and saw a guy named Paul fishing. I stopped while I was leaving and we talked, told me he never caught fish there. So I showed him the little spot I had been fishing and told him I had good luck today (it was my first time there). So I left him with a blue worm and showed him where I was having the most action. I sure hope Paul had some fish on today!

I have now decided if I see lily pads I'm using my 12lb and 15lb rigs. I was using a Shakespeare Reverb 5-6 spinning combo with 8lb test. Rod and reel has handled all the big fish I've caught recently...quite nicely in fact. But my heart sank when I realized I couldn't get the fish unstuck, so bigger rigs if I see lily pads from now on.


I actually restrung one that had 12lb test with 15 because the reel has a good 200 yard capacity with it when I got home from the shock of losing that fish.


I will go back and I will be ready :)




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If you ever want to share some spots,let me know.Ive been fishing East of the river since I was a kid.

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