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Collin W

Fall Turkey Hunting Decoy Setup

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I am turkey hunting the fall for the first time this year, I have hunted many times in the spring and I am familiar with the tactics and "rules" of spring hunting. However, since I am new at fall turkey hunting, I don't know a few things. I believe I want to use decoys. I have 3 hens and a jake decoy. I don't know exactly how to set them up. Jakes in front? Hens in front? Does it matter? I will be hunting along a section of woods that has farmland on both sides. I don't know what was planted, I assume corn because soy was planted last year. Another question I have while I'm here is when you use the "Scatter" tactic, where you chase the birds away either by shouting or by dog, what is the advantage to doing this? I don't entirely understand the concept. Thanks!

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We use the "scatter tactic" as you call it, except we don't shout, and we're not allowed to use dogs, so we use our rifles. In the fall (around PA), the birds don't respond to calling at all if they are grouped up in a flock. 


Generally, at first light, if you already have a flock located, they'll fly down to a field to eat and group up once they come off the roost. Take your shot there. Even if you can't make the shot, fire off a few shots towards them and this will break up the flock. Once you do that, sit down right where you are and start calling after a few minutes, Generally, they'll come right back to you and you can pick them off. 


If we don't know where the birds are, we'll generally put two guys on one mountain ridge, and then two other guys a couple ridges over. We'll then slowly walk towards each other looking for the birds. With any luck, they're in the middle of the two groups of guys. Once you see them, take a shot (if it's safe), or multiple shots. Thus repeating the breaking up process. Don't be afraid to fire off 3-4 shots to get them really broken up whenever you first find the flock. The more chaos and confusion, the easier they are to call back in. If you have a flock of 15 birds and you fire one shot and 8 birds fly away together, and 7 birds fly away together in a different direction, neither of those two groups will come to a single call. 


Disclaimer - I hunt to private ground owned by either family or close friends. Our state laws also require orange in the fall. As always, be extremely careful when shooting. 

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The best thing I've came up with is, sit in a tree stand like you're deer hunting. I only see them when I'm deer hunting and only see deer while turkey hunting. ?

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