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I have been doing a lot of creek fishing lately. Mostly in a small stream that is only 10 yards wide at most. It does get to about 6' deep in a few holes. It is a world class trout stream, but I aim for mostly smallmouth bass. I typically use a small gold inline spinner to catch 5" smallies.  there are a few big ones up  to a pound occasionally. i have also seen 2 over 3 pounds. I do enjoy catching trout the most, but they are so hard to catch. I currently use a 7'1"  ML NV Black and a 3000 size ci4 with 15lb braid and 6lb leader. I find the rod too heavy powered and too long for this creek. I was thinking of investing in a St Croix Rod and  reel just for creek fishing. Was just looking on Cabelas.com and they have a 2 piece 6' ul rod that weighs 2.6 ounces. That is crazy light! What reel should i pair the rod with? If that rod is not good, what st croix should i get? Was considering a 1500 size ci4, but it is very expensive, and for a reel i won't use everyday, id hate to waste my money, although i don't think buying a ci4 is a waste of money. Any advice is appreciated.

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I grew up fishing the many creeks around my home town in NE Arkansas and miss it dearly. Back when I was a kid the local landowners could care less if I or anyone else for that matter walked down the creeks to fish and of course you'd end up in jail these days. That is where the bass bug hit me and I've been hooked ever since. I got to wade/kayak fish the Buffalo National River a few years ago and caught so many smallmouth I ran out of bait I took along with me. Sylamore Creek is another great place for bass trout, warmouth, bream. I always used ultralight tackle which only adds to the fun of it.

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I love creek fishing. Especially the one that runs through my back yard plus some others here in the ouachitas. Nothing like catching a good brownie on ultralight. Nowadays I mostly use a 6'6 ml though. As for what st croix rod to use I have no clue. I went real budgety on my setup because I float with it too. I learned a long time ago to not spend a lot of money on a rod and reel your gonna fish outta canoe with that may or may not stay upright the whole time.

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