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Chances are you have a crack that is allowing water to seep in.  You'll have to find the leak, then fix it.  Haul your boat onto shore, put it on saw horses or anything else that will allow you to get it off the ground and get it level.  Wipe the hull dry, then examine it to find the wet area where it is leaking.  


You may need to tilt the boat from side to side and bow to stern, until you find the leak.


There is some process where you "weld" the crack to seal prevent it from leaking.  Be sure to get all the water out before you seal it.  Google "how to repair leaks in a plastic boat".  


Some time ago there was a video posted on the forum showing how to "weld" the crack closed.



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All my spastic mind saw was  10.2 in the title  and got excited ready to see pics of a d.d. giant

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8 hours ago, Jake Garvin said:

It doesn't fill up with water when it's in the water. 


Then it must be getting in through the top when it rains.  Turn it upside down.  It's going to be a process of elimination.  


Lean it up against a tree or building, stern down, top toward the building/tree.  Drill a hole in the top at the stern.  Drain the water, and put a plug in the hole.  Do not drill a hole below the waterline, where it can get dislodged. and you cannot get at it to put in another plug.


Use an expansion plug.  Put it where it cannot snag your rods or line, or where you can trip on it.





There are several types.  The one below is less likely to cause problems.



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