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Waiting for a Good Report

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Well....as I sit here having some coffee and thinking and checking out a couple other sites....(sorry) before I hit the water I saw where someone was waiting to hear good reports before they went fishing a certain body of water.  I know when I steelhead fished back home many many people would wait till they hear good stories...me....I want to make the good stories.  Same thing bass fishing or what ever.  They are there....they gotta eat...Kind of why I love bass fishing.  Such a challenge at times and a super high at others.  

P.S.  Praise God for each day on the water......Yup

Guess that's why I love all the seasons....BUT....fall is my favorite as you get all the colors to brighten those cloudy days



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Oregon, if the public knew how beautiful the fall leaves look in the fall there would be a lot of boats on the water, both private and public, taking photos of some beautiful landscapes.


Then add in the birds. Eagles, ospreys, blue birds, even the turkey vultures and you have more people on the water.


Throw in sunrise and sunset and add more people to the equation.


So let's keep the beauty us bass fishermen see all the time on the water to ourselves. After all, we don't want to go fishing and have lots of jet skis, run abouts, pontoon boats and other larger commercial vessels in the areas we launch and fish.


P.S.  Your post is excellent. Don't tell anyone.

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If you wait for a good report to go fishing, the conditions will have changed by the time you get there.  

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I don't rely on other peoples reports to decide if I go fishing or not. Instead I go fishing whenever I want since I know I am going to have a good time. Besides being in the outdoors is great and beats being indoors.

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