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6' 8" HM Casting Recommendation

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I am shopping for a new 6' 8" MH casting rod.  There's a ton of choices but am leaning towards the Dobyn's Champion 683C as it looks perfect for what i am interested in.  On the other hand, I'm also intrigued by the BPS Patriot JPA68MHTF rod.  It also looks to be perfect and i kind of like the Winn Grips and overall look.  Price points are similar with the Dobyn's slightly more expensive.  I can't assume that price dictates that the Dobyn's is better although that would maybe be the expectation...


Anybody have any experience with these two casting rods and have an opinion from experiencing both of them?

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I just saw the BPS Carbonlite 2.0 in a 6'9 MH-XF with Winn grips, looks like another rod is going to be added to the collection soon. 

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Dobyns 3 power rods are a medium imo.  Most guys like the 4 power rods a lot for general purpose.  If you can fish a Dobyns 3 and 4 power before you commit.  I use my 743 dx rods with open hooks and never with a jig hook.  

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