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Need Help plz... buying a used bass boat

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Hey guys ive never boat a boat before and I have found a used bass boat from a private seller in my price range.  It is still to cold to go out for a trail run up here as most lakes are still locked up with ice.  Should I ask the seller if I pay to have it brought to a local boat mechanic to have it surveyed?  What else should I know when buying a used boat?  I don't wanna get screwed over in the deal...




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You need to make sure the bearings and seals on the trailer are greased and in good shape. I would also check the tires and make sure you have a spare. Also check the lights and wiring on the trailer to make sure they are okay. Without knowing what type of boat and motor you are looking at I  can't help much more.

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You absolutely should pay to have it checked out by a mechanic.  Better to spend $150 and not buy it, than purchase a huge multi-thousand dollar headache.  


There are lots of things to check and if you do an internet search you will find some good checklists.  Also, do specific searches on the motor and boat models you are considering.  You may find information such as recalls and such that could be relevant to your purchase decision as well.

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Pay a mechanic to check it out. In my area it usually only runs about $50-80. If you are mechanically inclined then focus on the major things like the outboard, transom, wiring and rust. The smaller stuff like bearings and other maintenance shouldn't scare you away if it's structurally sound. And at the end of your inspection be sure to incorporate any cost to repair whatever is wrong with it into the asking price of the boat.

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Since this is your first experience with a boat, I would like to share an article my friend wrote on this subject. He covers a ton of info, but all of it will be of serious help to you. After you sit down and read it feel free to come back and ask any questions you may have. I personally fish out of my 11th boat in 45 years, so I have had a little experience too.

My friend Bryan is one of the best anglers I have ever shared a boat with, better yet he is very good at putting info together and sharing it in an easy to understand way. This article was actually written while he fixed up one old Ranger to sell and sought a larger one to purchase.  He was very successful at both. 

So please grab a comfy seat, and a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the read.



Let me know what you think. I have shared it with a bunch of other BR members who were in your exact position and each one has gotten some good info out of it.

Good Luck  



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