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    I have been fishing for about 60 years. I am retired. I do not fish tournaments and never have fished tournaments.

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  1. I use 6' rods for everything. I have one 6'6" bait casting rod. I have it set up as an extra rod for soft plastics or jigs.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  3. Skechers makes some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried. I wear them for almost everything. I have never worn crocs, flip flops, or sandals and I don't plan to start wearing them now.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  5. It appears to be Sun Gill color.
  6. I bought some wobble heads to try but haven't had a chance to use them yet.
  7. I always peg my sinker. I feel like I get hung up less with it pegged. I rarely use anything heavier than an 1/8 ounce sinker.
  8. You missed us so much you had to come back. LOL
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  10. There is one place I fish and the boat never comes on the trailer straight. I finally noticed the ramp is tilted to one side instead of being level from side to side. I have tried backing the boat in a little deeper to get on the trailer straight but it has never worked for me. Once I found out I could pick up on the boat and pull it over that is what I have been doing. Don't know how much longer I can keep doing that at my age.
  11. Don't believe the part about driving down the road to get the boat to seat itself on the trailer. One time I got my boat on the trailer crooked. I made a 45 mile run to get home. That boat had not moved at all. Ended up lifting it up with a floor jack to get it seated on the trailer the way it is supposed to be.
  12. Lews has the Tournament MP in 5.6:1 and 23" IPT. I have that reel in 6.8:1 and it has been a very good reel. I have several 5:1 reels and use them for crank baits, spinner baits and some top water baits.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  14. My garage door is open in the last picture they took of my house. With the car parked in front of it all you can see is a little bit of my riding mower. They did blur the license plates on our vehicles.
  15. I always put the front pedestal and seat down when running and have my PFD on. I used to fish with a guy that would not wear a PFD for any reason. He wouldn't put any seats or pedestals down when we were in his boat either.
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