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Sufix Siege vs Sunline Supernatural

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I currently use trilene xl as my baitcasting mono, but i'm thinking of trying something new. As stated in the title, i'm trying to decide between siege and supernatural. From what I have gathered siege is a high quality, good casting line that is fairly tough. What appeals to me about supernatural is the thin diameter. I dont fish a lot of rough areas and I would be spooling with either 12 or 14 lb. Do you all have any experience with one vs the other?



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I have used Siege before and it's great line. Very little memory and very abrasion resistant as well.


Deciding between these two lines should be rather easy actually. Siege is a stronger, abrasion resistant line and Supernatural is more like Trilene XL which is thinner in diameter and therefore more invisible, but not as strong or abrasion resistant. 14lb Supernatural might be more inline with 12lb Siege so to speak.

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I use both and they are both excellent lines!

I say buy one of each and give them a try and decide for yourself which you prefer.

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Supernatural is not any thinner than Siege. It's just properly rated for its breaking strength. 10lb Siege will break between 13-14lbs, and has a comparable diameter compared to 14lb Supernatural. You can't really compare them by the poundage on the box, but by the diameter instead.

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