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Lucas Cooper

Fuji kw casting guide kit

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Has anyone used the fuji kw casting kit, and are they micro guides?

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You talking about the Mudhole kits? I believe the kits are assembled by Mudhole. I see several of your posts on the rod building forum. I think Jim Ising said they're not official Fuji kits.


I've built with the KR system with KT 5 running guides. It's a really nice setup.

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For casting rods there is absolutely no need for kits.  Order the RV guide for the first one and whatever KB's and Kt's (or all KB's if a heavier power rod you want to use to teh tip.  They are called micros and are available from 4 (I believe) to 6mm.  I generally use the 5.5's on a casting rod.  Remember the intent is that the RV be installed backwards from normal, meaning the double legs will be away from the reel, facing to the tip.



For spin, go to the Anglers Resource catalog and find the section on selecting the reduction guides based on your line plans.  Very easy.  Then use KB's and KT's to the tip.  I generally use the 20KLH, 10KLH, 5.5M reduction guides with size 5 or 5.5 runners to the tip.  



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