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Ultrex Install on 13 Nitro Z7

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Thought I should share these photos. I recently installed an Ultrex on my Z7. Once I got the TM mounted I put the pedal into the factory recessed pan and what do you know........ It did not fit. I did a ton of research on what other installers were doing in this situation and I did not find much. Anyways here is what I did and I feel it turned out nicely. Original TM was a 24v Minnkota Maxxum.

List of parts that I used

Comfortroll Ultrex Pan

Blue Sea System battery disconnect switch

PROcise Outdoors Dek-It Mount

Bobs DeckSaver








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Thank you for this post.  Looks great!  I am in the same situation with my foot pedal recess being to small.  I havent purchased the Ultrex yet but was planning to soon.  Looks like quite a project and some additional expense up front just to prep for the ultrex installation....  Was it fairly easy cutting the hole for the tray?  I also noticed you mounted the ultrex gps puck on the dek it mount.  I was wondering if that was an option?  Definitely better than drilling more holes in the boat!   Thx

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Cutting the tray was not bad. I used a jigsaw with a fine metal blade and a hacksaw where the jigsaw would not fit. I tried to leave as much material as possible for strength purposes. I took it out for the first time this weekend and had no issues with where the puck was mounted.

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looks awesome!


I like how you mounted the plug receiver into the back of the tray.  Is it easy to plug/unplug in that location?

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I did not install a plug on this. It is wired into a blue sea master disconnect switch. 1/4 turn and I can kill both the pos and neg on the trolling motor.




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