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New to snakehead... and fresh water fishing

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Title says it all, lol.  Trying to get a hang of this fresh water thing.  Been an offshore fisherman all my life, but by luck got a great deal on a bass boat and decided to give it a go.

Been out to the Everglades got plenty of small bass, but wanted to try to catch some Snakehead (dinnertime!) been out to C-14 twice now and both times came back empty.  

Today we went out 4/15/18 from bout 10:30 to 2, and got nothing.  The wind was whipping and the C-14 was probably a little high (lot higher then the first time I went out) so it was kind of hard keeping the boat lined up to fish along the shoreline.   Used braided line with frogs, and also tried a KVD 1.5 outside of the weeds.   Seen a lot of Peacock fish but none were interested in our stuff, and didn't see any snakehead.   Fished up and down the main canal and also a few dead end parts.  

I don't know how fishing for snakehead goes with the weather and the tides of the canal, so if there's any pointers that would be great.  From what I've read I know they spook easy and like to stay near the banks, so I've been trying to keep the bait parallel to shore and aiming for weeded areas and even trying to get the frogs up on the bank and reel them into the water.  Don't know if I'm doing any of it right, just looking for some pointers.

Somebody also told me that the C-14 for snakehead is fished out, but reading the info on how snakehead quickly reproduce, I'm hoping that's just wrong, and I'm just doing something wrong.  

TL;DR Would like some Snakehead fishing tips, weather related tips, and time/days to fish?  


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Search youtube, the snakeheads you have there in Florida are Bulleye Snakeheads.  I've only seen videos of people catching them from the shoreline in the small canals

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