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Power Pole Adapter bracket

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Hey all, I just got a Power Pole and debating if I want to mount myself or have a shop do it. My questions is related to the sandwich adapter bracket. I know I don't have to remove the motor completely to slip the bracket in. However, in doing this do I have to worry about anything else besides new sealant? Will loosening the 4 bolts cause me any issues? Would rather to it myself but I don't have an engine jack. Any info would be helpful!



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1 pole or 2?  What year boat and motor type/size?  If 1 pole you still need to back out all of the transom bolts (which you'll need longer ones) to put in the spacer on the non-pole side.  So, you will need a lifting ring or some way to support the motor.  As an aside, I opted out of the sandwich brackets and went with the Jackplate mounts even though I had to drill the Jackplate because of the experience a friend of mine had with the the sandwich brackets always working loose.  Even with new bolts and nuts.  Whichever way you go reseal the new transom bolts well.

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It's one pole and a 2011 Tracker 175txw with a 60hp merc. I don't have a jackplate and didn't want to put holes in the boat. I'll keep an eye out for that loosening. Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it.

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