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Where to mount a Talon on my boat?

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Hi, Friends.


My father and I bought a Tracker Pro Guide V-16 last year.  This year we are upgrading the electronics, so we opted for a Humminbird Helix 7 and Minn Kota Terrova.  I'll be installing this week.  The next step is to think about a Talon, but I'm wondering where to mount it on this transom?


The primary use of the boat is to fish; however, my wife and kids like to come out for frequent family days when we pull a tube, etc.  For that reason, I'd like to keep the tow hooks clear in the back because I use a 2-point tow harness.


I have no problem chasing the wires and making the connections, I'm just hoping for some solid advice on where to mount -- or if it's even worth it on this boat. (Yes, we do fish a lot of perimeter contours @ 6' or less.)




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You're going to need to mount it on the starboard (right) side of the transom because of the boarding ladder. Minn Kota sells quick release locks and, I believe, a plug and receptacle (or you can buy one from Marineco). The Talon only weighs about 35lbs +/- and can be removed in under a minute with the quick release locks to get stored in your garage on those family days. 


I would recommend a tilt bracket if you will be going under any low bridges while on the water and/or, if the boat is parked in the garage, you would need it to clear the garage door. If you do any traveling, they also sell security locks similar to wheel locks. These are a must. The Talon can be removed in under 5 minutes without the quick release locks, wires get cut, and no more Talon.


A word of warning. Minn Kota is very proud of their add on brackets and charge a premium. 

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Even without the quick release brackets, it only takes a second to remove it. I have a 12' on my boat and all you need is a 9/16 wrench and just loosen them a couple turns and lift it out of the bracket. I installed mine with a plug for the wiring, just like a trolling motor, that way, if im downrigging or parking the boat in a low garage it only takes a second to pop it off.

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You might want to consult Tracker to see if you can mount a talon directly to the transom of that boat without voiding the warranty.  You might be better off mounting it to a specialized bracket regardless of what they say too.

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