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Fishing the everglades with all this extra water.. help!

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 Thanks to all this rain, all the usual fishing spots aren't producing fish, what gives?   I know they are probably exploring areas in the flats but is there any tricks or tips that I can employ to get some bites?   Been out late afternoons and tried the other night during the full moon about 11pm, couldn't get any bites on worms, lure, or frogs. 


Anything I can do to lure them out of the flats or just wait for the water levels to go down some? 

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Flukes right now are doing well. Zara spooks, v worms as well.


hope this helps

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use it to your advantage and target bridges and moving water. once you locate them and figure out how they're set up, it should produce a fun session. 

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I agree with bocabasser.  This happens every year when waters get high.  I like fishing the bridge pilings when there is current passing through.  Fish slow and use dark colors in low light conditions.  Most bass are in the flats where all the food is, with lots of shade all day.  The canals will hold some bass but look for areas where current will position these fish.  Cuts to the flats will hold some bass.  Fish the drop off, at the edge of the canal,with plastics where flowing water, coming out of the flat provide a food source,  bass will position in ambush mode.  It does get tough this time of year, but use current to your best advantage.  Good luck my friend, always look for flowing waters this time of year.  Beside providing a food source, O2 levels will be better with flowing water.

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