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Way north bass guy

Working hard for cold front bass

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After a week of super hot, humid temps, we finally got some relief. Of course the cold front came the night before I was taking the day off to fish. Tried some frogs, crankbaits and faster stuff for an hour in the morning but it wasn’t happening, so out came the pitching rods. 


Water was still very warm, and the fish were in the thick pads but suspended right under them. Was more of a reaction bite rather than feeding, as almost every fish bit as soon as the lure touched down. It was a real test of both boat control in the heavy north winds, and making sure I was paying attention at all times to not miss any hits. All fish came on a Berkley max scent creature hawg or General with a 3/8 or 1/2oz tungsten sinker and Trokar flippin book. 


It was a good day to have the Talon, without it I would’ve only caught maybe half the fish I did, just because I could lock down and pick apart every hole and point or irregularities in the pads.  


Managed about 12 bass and a couple small pike, not too bad for the conditions and the fact this was a fairly pressured lake that’s not well known for largemouth, of course the two big ones shook off right at the boat, both were over 4lbs, but I still managed a few nice fat ones. 


Average size 




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Man, I'd take some slower fishing for a cold front right now. 

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Nicely done.  Cold front conditions aren’t always a negative thing.  You made the adjustment which is the biggest obstacle to overcome. 

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