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Lowrance LMS-332C not working

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Today I was given an old lowrance LMS-332C sonar with GPS.  It was me father-in-law's and he said it quit working. It powers on and the screen looks to be working fine but it always reads 0ft depth and 32 degrees temp. No real image on the graph just noise. My best guess is that it has a faulty transducer.  The transducer has some epoxy or something on it.  It looks like he hit something and broke it off. Then glued it back together a long time ago.  My guess is that water leaked in and damaged it.  Do you guys think it would be with buying a new transducer to try? Or would you think it's smarter to put that money towards a more up to date model.  In all honesty this unit is probably way more high end than I need but since I have it already I sorta want to see it work. Also it does not have a lake maps card with it so that may affect it's value as well.

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According how old it is, you may not even find a transducer that would work. I would probably just buy a new one, you can get a new one for pretty cheap now days with GPS.

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