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Phenix M1, Recon Elite, and Feather

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I don’t see a lot of talk about Phenix rods. Whenever I do see reviews on them they seem to be pretty good. I have been interested in The Recon Elite, Feather, and M1. If anyone has had any experience with these rods please comment. How do they compare to a Megabass Levante and Shimano Zodias? Also how does Phenix’s warranty work?

Thank you

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I would like to know too. I am very interested in the feather series, and the recon elite series. The MBX are way beyond my budget. I have the Megabass Levante, I really like them. But for the price and the technology you really can’t beat phenix. And also as for warranty. I was told no questions asked lifetime warranty. 

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If my manufacturer mishmash of rods were stolen or burned to the ground, I'd go all Phenix in my replacements.  The M1 MX-S72M is my favorite all-around spinning rod that I bring when I just want to bring one rod.  I've used it in the surf, used it in the bays in SoCal, used it every freshwater lake I've fished.  I've caught more fish on that one rod than all my other rods combined.  It's pretty indestructable too, I've pulled HARD on that thing and it won't break, and the guides are still flawless.  The handle is showing it's wear but it still performs flawlessly.


Have a Bass Recon C712 casting that I've only used a couple of times, prefer spinning gear for light presentations so haven't picked it back up and it's been so long I can't say much about it.


Just got a Feather FTX-S77M this past summer to use exclusively as a drop shot rod but haven't taken the tags off of it yet.  Ridiculously light but in testing they were able to pick up a 12 lb weight off the ground so it should be indestructible.


Warranty is no questions asked just send in the rod and a check for the replacement fee - 




I've replaced 2 rods - One was an Ultra MBX where I sheared the top off with another rod on a cast.  Had my brother go to their factory in Cerritos, CA since he works just down the street, he just handed them the rod and a check, they handed him a replacement.  The other was a M1 Inshore casting rod that had a bad tip, actually had the local tackle shop mail it in for me, I just had to pay the replacement fee and had a new rod shortly thereafter.


P.S. Their Elixir and Dragonfly trout rods are awesome.

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I have an old Recon 2 baitfinesse rod and I really like the way it fishes, but the reel seat is a little too minimalist for me.  The rod is on the “mod” side of “fast”, but that might just be for the Light power ones.  

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I've become a huge Phenix fan in the last few years.  I can't compare with the Levante (never fished it), but use to fish quite a bit of Shimano/Daiwa rods (Crucials, Cumara, Tatulas).  Also did fish a Zodias for a little and couldn’t get use to the handle.  Since I stumbled upon the M1, I’ve basically switched everything over to Phenix.  IMO Phenix rods tend to run a little bit below their rating so a M is more like a ML in other brands.  They still have plenty of back bone and tip sensitivity.  I’ve pulled in some big fish and have not had an issue.  They are light which I like though on the heavier rods like a 7’8” H can be a little tip heavy.  I do have a few Feather rods as well just because they have slightly different sizes then the M1 series, the 6’9”MH is a great stick.  I’ve tried to older Recon series and just didn’t like the feel, again I think they were a bit tip heavy in comparison to the M1’s that I use.  I have not tried the Recon Elite series.  I’ve also got a couple M1 Inshores and the one thing that’s nice is they have a slightly longer handle.  It works great when I’m slow cranking a big swimbait.  The last few I've bought were on Ebay when they have that 15-20% off one purchase.



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