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Mike Boitnott

Muddy Water On The Potomac

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Had a good weekend fishing on the Potomac despite the muddy water, Rain, Changing Temps, and Wind.  Started out in rain, huge temperature swing, and changing wind during our Club Fall Classic this past weekend.  Managed 24.54 Lbs to win the tournament by utilizing our tools and finding the cleanest water possible and waiting on the outgoing tide.  Also moving to find places out of the wind to take advantage of the flattest water possible paid off on these two days.  Didn't talk to anyone catching anything on plastics both days. Our best bites came off of chatterbaits and top water walking baits.  Managed to find some descent grass and pretty clear water despite the heavy rains the last few days prior, thanks to the remnants of Michael. #FishSmarter #FallFun  



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Thanks for that report!   Just got through rigging some rods for tomorrow evening.    Going to kayak Gunston Cove after work.  Didn't tie on a walker, but probably will now.

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Never got to put the chatterbait down.  Perfect storm of tides and wind and time of day. Over two dozen in three hours...all in one bay.


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Mike, on Saturday, October 20th, I fished the Chickahominy River, and we had the strangest day fishing.


First, the river was heavily stained. Even the backs of the creeks had stained water.

Second, it rained from the 6:30 blast off to after 2 PM, off and on, both drizzles and hard. Temperature warmed up from the high 40s to the low 60s. Wind came and went, sometimes strong.

Third, wind from the north west causing chop on the water.

Fourth, no tide. It dropped about 6-inches and we actually missed when it changed from incoming to outgoing.

Fifth, fantastic topwater conditions. But not one topwater strike.

Sixth, of the total of 9 boated bass, only one came on a spinnerbait. And it was a dink that we culled.

Seventh, all others but one came on plastics on a spinning rig by wood, be it blow downs, docks, piers or boathouses. They would not hit anything other than the one on a spinnerbait. Only plastics.

Eighth, I caught our last keeper along a grass line by a drop off at the mouth of a creek giving us four keepers off plastics on wood and one keeper on plastics off a grass line.

Ninth, we won the tournament with only 11.8 pounds.

Tenth, our big fish and the tournament winner was 3.5 pounds.

Eleventh, did not matter if we fished in a protected area or in a creek with the wind blowing and the rain flowing. I lost two in calm waters in a protected creek and my co-angler lost two in the windy conditions.

Twelfth, as the crow flies, we were about 60-miles south from where you were fishing so you would think the bass would do basically the same thing in the same weather conditions.


I guess this is what makes bass fishing such a challenge.


Great story, Keep 'em coming and congrats on an outstanding bag

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