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washington state bass fishing

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hey everyone! It has definitely been tough for me lately in the small lakes around king county area, I am probably calling the bass season over and going to get ready for the chum salmon run in November. I don't get out much to fish, but I try to learn the lakes and see the best way to approach the fish. I am not experienced by any means, but I was wondering any local fisherman having tough times? I would love to get some tips on maybe what conditions and time of year is the best to have success out on the water, as well as presentations go because I have heard that small baits are key around Washington state. Every state is different and I am not sure how late does the bass fishing go here and when it starts for the pre spawn. I feel as if though a lot of the local lakes receive too much pressure, I constantly hear people that I meet on the water say there are toads in the lakes but wont bite. One of my favorite ponds near my house constantly would produce 5 plus pounders every week, and over the years it has been trashed and fished too hard which frustrates me. Eastern Washington has amazing fishery on the other hand, and feel as if its the best bet to travel farther away from the local area for more success. I hope you guys are having luck out there, again any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait for next spring!

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Check out Lakes Cassidy, Goodwin, Stevens, and Roesiger in Snohomish County. Shoecraft can be good too. Lake Washington is probably the best though if you have a good boat.

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My buddy just caught 2, 4 pounders on a 10 inch glide bait out of Long Lake in Lacey yesterday.  Might check south of Seattle for less pressure:  Lake Tapps for small mouth, Long Lake, American Lake, and several others in the area.


I live in the south sound and frequent a lot of smaller lakes that get very little fishing pressure...Steel Lake for example.

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