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Robbie Mackley

Best tactics for Roosevelt Lake

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Heading out to Roosevelt Lake AZ this weekend and looking for some advice on what to stick with. 

I plan to fish smaller areas (likely between the dam and the salt) from a canoe w/ electric motor. I’ll have 3 rods rigged up, a 7’1” med/heavy/fast, a 7’10” med/heavy/“cranking” rod, and a 7’ med action spinning rod. 

What would be 3 good rigging methods for working spot to spot with as few rigging changes as possible. 

I’m fairly new to bass and a little overwhelmed so any and all advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Haven't Roosevelt in awhile, need check on the water level?

If you are starting near the dam then think about 1 oz and 3/4 oz plain football jig in purple and brown with GYCB cinnamon with purple flake (221) 4 or 5" Hula grub fish down to 35'.

Spinning, 1/4 or 3/8 oz drop shot about 18" below size 1 drop hook and Roboworm 6" straight tail MMIII worm.


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If your not against using live bait we used to catch the snot out of them using minnows back in the day. Down by the d**n in 30’ of water. We were trying for crappie when we started but every time we went we caught a lot of largemouth. It was usually around New Years.

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