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I just purchased the Lowrance HDS gen 3 with the 7" screen it has the 3d structure scan this past summer for my bass boat. I'm still amazed at what I  was missing out on utilizing only 2d sonar and not able to interpret that thing without a chart. I still feel like I haven't learned about how to get the best picture.


My question is how can I get the very best picture of whats on the structure scan (side scan), down scan, and 2d? What khZ should each of the 3 sonar panels be in for instance 2d in high chirp, and down scan on 800khZ?


How far should I be scanning out to the sides with the structure scan (side scan)? This defaults to 455khZ on side scan (I called lowrance they said it was normal because of the transducer having 3d capabilities).


I think I can change down scan between 800 and 455khZ I have to look back to be certain.


I like running 4 screens at once the 4th being my chart screen or I could give or take 2d at times. I generally bass fish in rivers and creeks depth mostly being at 15 feet at times in stained water, however I have seen it 30 to 40 feet.


My transducers are the SS3d and the 83/200 skimmer transducer with the structure scan box.

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I would contact Lowrance and ask who in your local area do they recommend for on the water instruction, a factory rep or pro.

Don Iovino does this for SoCal for example, if Lowrance doesn't give you a name call Don for a name he recommend near you.


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