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Elite-9 Ti Mounting

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I picked up a Lowrance Elite-9 Ti at a great price last week and now I'm looking at mounting options for my kayak.  I cannot, for the life of me, find a mount that specifies the Elite 9.  I've seen 5 and 7 but none say 9.


At any rate, I'd like to track mount it on the right side of my kayak.  I mostly roll cast off the right so I'd like it to articulate so that it's sitting off the gunwale, almost over my legs.  


Any suggestions on a good track mounted ff mount that will fit the bill?





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I'm glad I'm not the only yaker that picked up this deal! I was looking for a 7 to go on sale but the 9inch deal was too good to pass up.


I also struggled with which mount to buy, but I ended up with the one in the link below and also had to buy a track mounted 1.5in ball. This mount will allow you to use the gimbal mount for the screen.


I want to say in the box I noticed another mounting option which I suspected to compare to the mounts for the 5 and 7 inch but I didn't look too closely at it.



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any HDS 9 mount will work. It's the same gimbal. Bolt patterns match right up. You're on a kayak so the 1.5in ball will be fine since you won't be in any rough water. 

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